• Keratin Complex KeraLuminous Keratin-Enhanced Permanent Hair Color 3.4 oz

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Keratin Complex KeraLuminous Keratin-Enhanced Permanent Hair Color 3.4 oz


$ 15.20

Choose Color
Choose Color
.1/A Ash
.11/AA Intense Ash
.12/AV Dark Gray
.2/V Violet
.21/VA Light Gray
.22/VV Intense Violet
.33/GG Intense Gold
.44/CC Intense Copper
.66/RR Intense Red
.77/GN Intense Green
1.0/1N Black
10.0/10N Ultra-Light Neutral Blonde
10.03/10NG Ultra-Light Natural Golden Blonde
10.1/10A Ultra-Light Ash Blonde
10.2/10V Ultra-Light Violet Blonde
10.32/10GV Ultra-Light Beige Blonde
1.1/1A Blue Black
12.0/12N High Lift Neutral Blonde
12.1/12A High Lift Ash Blonde
12.2/12V High Lift Violet Blonde
12.7/12GN High Lift Matte Blonde
2.0/2N Darkest Neutral Brown
3.0/3N Dark Neutral Brown
3.2/3V Dark Violet Brown
4.0/4N Medium Neutral Brown
4.00/4NN Medium Intense Neutral Brown
4.01/4NA Medium Natural Ash Brown
4.1/4A Medium Ash Brown
4.23/4VG Medium Violet Golden Brown
4.3/4G Medium Golden Brown
4.5/4RV Medium Mahogany Brown
4.6/4R Medium Auburn Brown
4.7/4Gn Medium Matte Brown
5.0/5N Light Neutral Brown
5.00/5NN Light Intense Neutral Brown
5.01/5NA Light Natural Ash Brown
5.03/5NG Light Natural Golden Brown
5.1/5A Light Ash Brown
5.2/5V Light Violet Brown
5.23/5VG Light Violet Golden Brown
5.3/5G Light Golden Brown
5.32/5GV Light Beige Brown
5.35/5GRv Light Golden Mahogany Brown
5.4/5C Light Copper Brown
5.45/5CRv Light Copper Mahogany Brown
5.6/5R Light Auburn Brown
5.7/5Gn Light Matte Brown
6.0/6N Dark Neutral Blonde
6.00/6NN Dark Intense Neutral Blonde
6.01/6NA Dark Natural Ash Blonde
6.03/6NG Dark Natural Golden Blonde
6.1/6A Dark Ash Blonde
6.23/6VG Dark Violet Golden Blonde
6.3/6G Dark Golden Blonde
6.32/6GV Dark Beige Blonde
6.35/6GRv Dark Golden Mahogany Blonde
6.4/6C Dark Copper Blonde
6.43/6CG Dark Copper Golden Blonde
6.45/6CRv Dark Copper Mahogany Blonde
6.5/6RV Dark Mahogany Blonde
6.6/6R Dark Auburn Blonde
6.7/6Gn Dark Matte Blonde
7.0/7N Medium Neutral Blonde
7.00/7NN Medium Intense Neutral Blonde
7.01/7NA Medium Natural Ash Blonde
7.03/7NG Medium Natural Golden Blonde
7.1/7A Medium Ash Blonde
7.23/7VG Medium Violet Golden Blonde
7.3/7G Medium Golden Blonde
7.32/7GV Medium Beige Blonde
7.35/7GRv Medium Golden Mahogany Blonde
7.4/7C Medium Copper Blonde
7.45/7CRv Medium Copper Mahogany Blonde
7.6/7R Medium Auburn Blonde
7.7/7Gn Medium Matte Blonde
8.0/8N Light Neutral Blonde
8.00/8NN Light Intense Neutral Blonde
8.01/8NA Light Natural Ash Blonde
8.03/8NG Light Natural Golden Blonde
8.1/8A Light Ash Blonde
8.23/8VG Light Violet Golden Blonde
8.3/8G Light Golden Blonde
8.32/8GV Light Beige Blonde
8.4/8C Light Copper Blonde
8.43/8CG Light Copper Golden Blonde
8.45/8CRv Light Copper Mahogany Blonde
8.7/8Gn Light Matte Blonde
9.0/9N Lightest Neutral Blonde
9.00/9NN Lightest Intense Neutral Blonde
9.01/9NA Lightest Natural Ash Blonde
9.03/9NG Lightest Natural Golden Blonde
9.1/9A Lightest Ash Blonde
9.23/9VG Lightest Violet Golden Blonde
9.3/9G Lightest Golden Blonde
9.32/9GV Lightest Beige Blonde
000/Clear Clear

KeraLuminous Permanent Color is 100% oxidative color that delivers rich, vibrant and precise results.

  • Improves the overall integrity of the hair while delivering exceptional gray coverage, long-lasting vibrant reds and superior high-lift blondes
  • Unique technology features a combination of Advanced Keratin and Ceramides that help reduce porosity for long-lasting, even color and increased strength
  • Intense Neutral Series provides exceptional gray coverage and longevity
  • Ultra-nourishing cream formula
  • BotanicalPowerblend creates a touchable, softer, smoother, shinier and more youthful-looking hair
  • Fully intermixable shades create an infinite array of vibrant color results.
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