• Lanza Healing Color Cream Permanent Haircolor 3 oz

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Lanza Healing Color Cream Permanent Haircolor 3 oz


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Choose Color
1N Natural Black
3N Natural Brown Black
4N Dark Natural Brown
5N Medium Natural Brown
5NA Light Natural Ash Brown
6N Light Natural Brown
7N Dark Natural Blonde
8N Medium Natural Blonde
9N Light Natural Blonde
10N Very Light Natural Blonde
4NN Dark Ultra Natural Brown
5NN Medium Ultra Natural Brown
6NN Light Ultra Natural Brown
7NN Dark Utlra Natural Blonde
8NN Medium Ultra Natural Blonde
9NN Light Ultra Natural Blonde
10NN Very Light Ultra Natural Blonde
4A Dark Ash Brown
5A Medium Ash Brown
6A Light Ash Brown
7A Dark Ash Blonde
8A Medium Ash Blonde
9A Light Ash Blonde
10A Very Light Ash Blonde
4BC Dark Beige Copper Brown
6BC Light Beige Copper Brown
6B Light Beige Brown
7B Dark Beige Blonde
8B Medium Beige Blonde
9B Light Beige Blonde
5G Medium Golden Brown
6G Light Golden Brown
7G Dark Golden Blonde
8G Medium Golden Blonde
9G Light Golden Blonde
4CG Dark Copper Golden Brown
5CG Medium Copper Golden Brown
6CG Light Copper Golden Brown
6GC Light Golden Copper Brown
7CG Dark Copper Golden Blonde
7GC Dark Golden Copper Blonde
7NC Dark Natural Copper Blonde
7NV Dark Natural Violet Blonde
7CC Dark Ultra Copper Blonde
7C Dark Copper Blonde
4R Dark Red Brown
4RV Dark Violet Brown
5RR Medium Ultra Red Brown
5R Medium Red Brown
6R Light Red Brown
100 Ultra Light Blonde Booster
100A Ultra Light Ash Blonde
100V Ultra Light Violet Blonde
100B Ultra Light Beige Blonde
Mix Tone B Blue Mix
Mix Tone G Gold Mix
Mix Tone C Copper Mix
Mix Tone R Red Mix
Mix Tone V Violet Mix
4AX Dark Extra Ash Brown
4RRC Dark Utla Red Copper Brown
5AX Medium Extra Ash Brown
5RRC Medium Ultra Red Copper Brown
6RB Light Red Brown
6AX Light Extra Ash Brown
6RRC Light Red Ultra Copper Brown
6CBB Light Copper Beige Brown
7AX Dark Extra Ash Blonde
8AX Medium Extra Ash Blonde
8C Medium Copper Blonde
100P Ultra Light Pearl Blonde
4V Dark Violet Brown
5V Medium Violet Brown
8P Medium Pearl Blonde
9P Light Pearl Blonde
10P Very Light Pearl Blonde
200A Super Lift Ash Blonde
200AX Super Lift Extra Ash Blonde
200V Super Lift Violet Blonde
200P Super Lift Pearl Blonde
2NA Dark Natural ash Black
3NA Dark Natural Ash Brown/Black
9NA Light Natural Ash Blonde

Lanza Healing Color Cream Haircolor Healing Color

Is the only haircolor that heals, seals and protects using exclusive Flower Shield Complex and Keratin Healing System for richer, longer-lasting color.

Permanent, demi-permanent and translucent all from one tube provides versatile, 3-in-1 haircolor. This comprehensive collection features 73 fabulous shades, 6 dedicated Developers, Powder Decolorizer, complete color accessories and extensive educational support.

Healing Color allows for ultimate creativity and stunning results, while reducing inventory and cost.

We would gladly accept returns of eligible products within 30 days of delivery. Due to Health and Hygiene concerns we will not accept nail care tools, nail polish, clipper blades, hair brushes and ext. For more detailed information on our Shipping and Return Policy please click here or contact our customer care team by emailing info@brightonbeautysupply.com if you have any further questions.

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