• Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Permanent Color Creme 2.1 oz

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Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Permanent Color Creme 2.1 oz


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Choose Color
Choose Color
0-11 Blue Ash Concentrate
0-22 Anti-Yellow
0-33 Anti-Red Concentrate
0-55 Gold Concentrate
0-77 Orange Concentrate
0-88 Red Concentrate
0-89 Red Violet Concentrate
0-99 Violet Concentrate
1-0 Black
1-1 Blue Black
3-0 Dark Brown
3-65 Dark Auburn Gold Brown
3-68 DarkAuburn Brown
4-0 Medium Brown
4-13 Medium Brown Cendre Matt
4-5 Medium Gold Beige
4-6 Medium Brown Auburn
4-63 Medium Brown Chocolate Matt
4-65 Medium Auburn Gold Brown
4-68 Medium Auburn Brown
4-88 Medium Brown Red Extra
4-99 Medium Extra Violet Brown
5-0 Light Brown
5-00 Light Brown Forte
5-1 Light Ash Brown
5-4 Light Beige Brown
5-5 Light Gold Blonde
5-57 Light Brown Gold Copper
5-6 Light Brown Chocolate
5-63 Light Brown Chocolate Matt
5-65 Light Brown Auburn Gold
5-68 Light Auburn Brown
5-7 Light Copper Brown
5-88 Light Extra Red Brown
5-99 Light Extra Violet Brown
6-0 Dark Blonde
6-00 Dark Blonde Forte
6-1 Dark Ash Blonde
6-12 Dark Blonde Cendre Ash
6-4 Dark Blonde Beige
6-5 Dark Gold Blonde
6-6 Dark Blonde Auburn
6-63 Dark Blonde Chocolate Matt
6-65 Dark Auburn Gold Blonde
6-68 Dark Auburn Blonde
6-77 Dark Blonde Copper Extra
6-88 Dark Extra Red Brown
6-99 Dark Blonde Violet Extra
7-0 Medium Blonde
7-00 Medium Blonde Forte
7-1 Medium Ash Blonde
7-4 Medium Beige Blonde
7-55 Medium Extra Gold Blonde
7-57 Medium Gold Copper Blonde
7-65 Medium Auburn Gold Blonde
7-77 Medium Blonde Copper Extra
8-0 Light Blonde
8-00 Light Blonde Forte
8-1 Light Ash Blonde
8-11 Light Blonde Cendre Extra
8-4 Light Blonde Beige
8-55 Light Blonde Gold Extra
8-65 Light Auburn Gold Blonde
8-77 Light Blonde Copper Extra
9-0 Extra Light Blonde
9-00 Extra Light Blonde Forte
9-1 Extra Light Ash Blonde
9-4 Extra Light Beige Blonde
9-55 Extra Light Gold Blonde
9-65 Extra Light Blonde
9-7 Extra Light Copper Blonde
9-98 Medium Blonde
9.5-1 Pastel Ash Blonde
9.5-17 Peach
9.5-18 Rose
9.5-22 Platinum Blonde Ash Extra
9.5-4 Pastel Beige Blonde
9.5-49 Platinum Blonde Beige Violet
D-0 Diluter Natural
E-0 Lightening Extract
E-1 Cendre Extract

Schwarzkopf Professional's heritage colour brand Igora Royal brings you true colour in High Definition with uncompromising coverage and unbeatable retention.

Developed with colourists for colourists Igora Royal lets your creativity run free providing you with the tools to transform imagination into reality, with true-to-tuft colour results for ultimate reliability even under the most challenging conditions.

Explore our portfolio of permanent colour, developed to provide a solution to your everyday salon requirements from specific client needs such as total coverage and increased scalp comfort to satisfying the most creative colourist with over 120 beautiful, intermixable shades to choose from.

- Maximum Performance
- Up to 100% white hair coverage
- Ultimate colour retention
- Intense colour vibrancy
- Perfect colour equalization even on porous hair
- Clearest lifting shades with advanced care
- Absolute true to tuft results
We would gladly accept returns of eligible products within 30 days of delivery. Due to Health and Hygiene concerns we will not accept nail care tools, nail polish, clipper blades, hair brushes and ext. For more detailed information on our Shipping and Return Policy please click here or contact our customer care team by emailing info@brightonbeautysupply.com if you have any further questions.

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