• Wella Color Touch Demi-Permanent Hair Color 2 oz
  • Wella Color Touch Demi-Permanent Hair Color 2 oz Pure Naturals
  • Wella Color Touch Demi-Permanent Hair Color 2 oz Rich Naturals
  • Wella Color Touch Demi-Permanent Hair Color 2 oz Deep Browns
  • Wella Color Touch Demi-Permanent Hair Color 2 oz Vibrant Reds
  • Wella Color Touch Demi-Permanent Hair Color 2 oz Special Mix

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Wella Color Touch Demi-Permanent Hair Color 2 oz


$ 11.95

Choose Color
Choose Color
0/00 Clear
0/34 Gold Red
0/45 Red Red-Violet
0/56 Red Red-Violet
0/68 Violet Blue
0/88 Intense Blue
10/0 Lightest Blonde/Natural
10/01 Lightest Blonde/Natural Ash
10/03 Lightest Blonde/Natural Gold
10/1 Lightest Blonde/Ash
10/3 Lightest Blonde/Gold
10/6 Lightest Blonde/Violet
10/73 Lightest Blonde/Brown Gold
10/81 Lightest Blonde/Pearl Ash
2/0 Darkest Brown/Natural
3/0 Dark Brown/Natural
3/5 Dark Brown/Red-Violet
3/68 Dark Brown/Violet Pearl
4/0 Medium Brown/Natural
4/5 Medium Brown/Red-Violet
4/57 Medium Brown/Red Violet Brown
4/6 Medium Brown/Violet
4/71 Medium Brown/Brown Ash
4/77 Medium Brown/Intense Brown
44/65 Intense Medium Brown/Violet Red-Violet
5/0 Light Brown/Natural
5/03 Light Brown/Natural Gold
5/1 Light Brown/Ash
5/3 Light Brown/Gold
5/4 Light Brown/Red
5/5 Light Brown/Red-Violet
5/66 Light Brown/Intense Violet
5/71 Light Brown/Brown Ash
5/73 Light Brown/Brown Gold
5/75 Light Brown/Brown Red-Violet
5/97 Light Brown/Cendre Brown
6/0 Dark Blonde/Natural
6/3 Dark Blonde/Gold
6/35 Dark Blonde/Gold Red-Violet
6/4 Dark Blonde/Red
6/45 Dark Blonde/Red Red-Violet
6/47 Dark Blonde/Red Brown
6/7 Dark Blonde/Brown
6/71 Dark Blonde/Brown Ash
6/73 Dark Blonde/Brown Gold
6/75 Dark Blonde/Brown Red-Violet
6/77 Dark Blonde/Intense Brown
66/45 Intense Dark Blonde/Red Red-Violet
7/0 Medium Blonde/Natural
7/03 Medium Blonde/Natural Gold
7/1 Medium Blonde/Ash
7/3 Medium Blonde/Gold
7/4 Medium Blonde/Red
7/43 Medium Blonde/Red Gold
7/7 Medium Blonde/Brown
7/71 Medium Blonde/Brown Ash
7/73 Medium Blonde/Brown Gold
7/75 Medium Blonde/Brown Red-Violet
7/89 Medium Blonde/Pearl Cendre
7/97 Medium Blonde/Cendre Brown
77/45 Intense Medium Blonde/Red Red-Violet
8/0 Light Blonde/Natural
8/03 Light Blonde/Natural Gold
8/3 Light Blonde/Gold
8/43 Light Blonde/Red Gold
8/71 Light Blonde/Brown Ash
8/73 Light Blonde/Brown Gold
8/81 Light Blonde/Pearl Ash
9/0 Very Light Blonde/Natural
9/01 Very Light Blonde/Natural Ash
9/03 Very Light Blonde/Natural Gold
9/16 Very Light Blonde/Ash Violet
9/3 Very Light Blonde/Gold
9/73 Very Light Blonde/Brown Gold
9/97 Very Light Blonde/Cendre Brown

Low commitment, ammonia free, multi-dimensional demi-permanent hair colour for clients who like to change their tone more regularly.

Color Touch emulsion allows precise development of professional hair colour.

Ammonia free
-High shine for stunning high fashion results
-Low maintenance, virtually invisible root re-growth.
-Color Touch professional hair colour has been developed to perfectly complement and mirror the Koleston Perfect Shades to meet all your hair colour ideas.

What it is:
-Vibrant demi-permanent color
-Up to 70 % gray coverage (Color Touch Plus)
-Lasts up to 24 shampoos
-High shine for stunning high fashion results
-A comprehensive and versatile demi-permanent color portfolio — for unlimited creative color possibilities.
-Color Touch, Color Touch Sunlights (except sunlight/0) and Color Touch Relights.

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